Lodging in Europe – Cottage Rental in England

Lodging in Europe – Cottage Rental in England

For most people, a vacation in Europe means staying in crowded hotels in the middle of central cities such as Paris, London or Rome. But for those of us that seek a more tranquil vacation which will be an escape from the busy urban hustle and bustle, there are many lodging possibilities in picturesque and nature filled environments. One such possibility is renting a cottage in England.

A Holiday in the Country

There are not many locations as peaceful and quite as the English countryside. The first thing that you need to take care of, once you have rented a cottage in the country, is to make sure you have transportation means. Most cottages in England are located in areas that are distant from the main cities, so careful transportation planning from and to the airport in necessary.

Public Transportation and Car Rental

Cabs will be very expensive and if you cannot rent a vehicle make sure that public transportation is available to the area in which your cottage is located.

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